Jeremy in concert with his Ocean Blue Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster

Jeremy in concert playing his Transparent Cobalt Blue Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster


Jeremy Katz is a musician, composer, singer, and songwriter who plays numerous instruments, most self-taught. He performs predominantly in the New York metropolitan area and enjoys creating solo covers of current, as well as many classic songs of the past, encompassing various and ever increasing genres.  In addition, he enjoys composing original instrumentals of classic Broadway show tunes and themes from major motion pictures.

Among the instruments he plays are: electric guitar, drums, piano, bass, mandolin, saxophone, electronic keyboards, acoustic guitar, ukulele, xaphoon, banjo, harmonica, upright bass, bouzouki and violin.  Jeremy also offers lessons teaching many of the instruments he plays.  In addition, he possesses a powerful voice with a tremendous quality, range, and versatility.

He records, arranges, mixes and produces all recordings in his home studio.

Prior to obtaining his B.A. in music,  Jeremy was the lead guitar player and co-producer of the “III Blue J’s” –  a New Jersey/New York metropolitan area Rock and Blues band.  He arranged and co-produced 4 albums   – 2 EP’s, one LP, and one live CD for the band.   The band has been favorably reviewed in numerous publications including a front page,  full section article in the entertainment section of The Record’s Sunday edition (one of New Jersey’s largest newspapers).   The band is currently on hiatus.

In addition to his musical abilities and pursuits, Jeremy possesses advanced knowledge in many artistic pursuits and hobbies including, videography (he arranges, shoots and edits his music videos in his basement studio), drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, and photography.  He is also an amateur magician.

As a teen in high school,  Jeremy played in the school’s guitar ensemble for 2 years, composed songs for, and helped lead, various class teams for the school’s music competitions, gave musical performances at a neighboring adult home in the area and performed as a magician at the annual dinner of a major New York City area charity attended by 600+ guests.