Jeremy Katz Music

Jeremy Katz Music is the online home for Jeremy Katz – a composer, musician, singer, and songwriter who plays numerous instruments, most self-taught. He is presently a studio assistant at Remote Control Productions, a film and television scoring company based in Santa Monica run by Hans Zimmer and Steve Kofsky.

Prior to moving to California in late 2017 to intern at Remote Control, he worked and performed predominantly in the New York metropolitan area, where he ran his Youtube channel and music video business; recording, arranging, mixing and producing all recordings in his home studio.

The instruments he plays are: electric guitar, piano, bass, drums, mandolin, saxophone, electronic keyboards, acoustic guitar, ukulele, xaphoon, banjo, harmonica, upright bass, bouzouki and violin.  Jeremy also offers lessons teaching many of the instruments he plays.  In addition, he possesses a powerful voice with a tremendous quality, range, and versatility.

Prior to receiving his B.A. in music, Jeremy was the lead guitar player and co-producer of a New Jersey/New York area Rock and Blues band. While performing, he also arranged and co-produced the groups 4 albums – 2 EP’s, one LP, and one live CD.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Jeremy possesses advanced knowledge in many of his artistic pursuits and hobbies including, videography, drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, and photography.